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  • Techno Redefined
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At R8R (Replic8 Recordings), Our moto is simple. To release and introduce some of the finest and best Techno to the masses. Whether you like your Techno dark, chunky, funky, gripping or surreal. We have got you covered. Take a listen and decide for yourself..

  • Drzneday So Late for the Funk ep

    Drzneday- So Late for the Funk, Drzneday w/ Da Hox- Further Analyze

  • Drzneday- Defense Weakness ep *Jan 6 2014*

    Defense Weakness, Third Shift

  • Limix- Say Yes ep

    Say Yes, Halt, Swell

  • TechnicalDude- Revolution ep

    *Coming Soon*


    In digital stores now

  • Ramorae

    Is It ep

  • Alwin IRB

    Tantrah ep

  • Dj Mary Jane

    Europa ep

  • Nocti

    Step Inside ep

  • Gaki

    Fear The Dark ep

  • Limix

    Say Yes ep

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    Alwin IRB

    Dj Mary Jane





    Drzneday-Da Hox


    We are currently seeking techno, minimal and Tech House at this time. To send us your demos, please dont send us the actual mp3's etc. Send us a downloadable link to your music. If you would like to be added to the promo list send an email to demos@replic8recordings.com


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