We are currently seeking talented techno, minimal groovers and Tech House at this time.
To send us your demos, please dont send us the actual mp3's etc.
Send us a downloadable link to your music.

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Released and in Digital Stores now

***** R8R RELEASE SCHEDULE***** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

R8R001 Ramorae " Is It EP " 31,12, 2013 *Out Now*

R8R002 Alwin IRB " Tantrah EP" 21,01,2014 *Out Now*

R8R003 DJ Mary Jane " Europa EP " 11,02,2014 *Out Now*

R8R004 Nocti "Step Inside" -reissue July 19 2014 with new remixes. *Out Now*

R8R006 Gaki "fear the Dark" June 30/2014 *Out Now*

R8R007 Limix "Say Yes" Sept 5 2014 *Out Now*